Trip Planner


Day 1: The Colonial Walking Tour and the CHU CHU train ride.

Get up in the morning, have a healthy breakfast at the ADAM Suites Hotel and head out the door before 10 AM for a day full of adventures in the Colonia Zone. Take a ride on a Chu-Chu Train located at the end of the El Conde boulevard.

What to look for on this day in Santo Domingo:

Here was founded the first European city on this side of the world, the first cathedral of the New World was built, the first governor resided, the first bishop was ordained and the first hospital was opened amongst many other firsts. On this day you can visit some areas of the “Zona Colonial”, the historical city center that was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

You can choose to visit those area by taking the Chu Chu train tour or my selecting your very own personalized tour guide that will take you amongst other places to the palace of Diego Columbus, the palace of the governor, the cathedral and the “Parque de Colón” with its bronze monument of Christopher Columbus. Walk down the “Calle de las Damas”, the “ladies street”, and through the pedestrian zone “El Conde”, were you will find many shops and street vendors, as well as bars and restaurants. He will also take you to the beautiful 3 eyes cave and the botanical garden which house the nicest Japanese garden south of the USA.

In the afternoon head down to the hotel, take a shower, relax and be ready for your very own “personalized dinner” at the hotel. (Make sure you book it upon your arrival).

Day 2: Get to know the neighborhood and “El Conde Boulevard”.

From 8:00 AM till 11:00 AM daily breakfast is served at the newly opened The Boys Restaurant (August 2013) on the first floor level at the hotel.

Following breakfast at ADAM take the morning to walk up and down the famous “El Conde Boulevard”- the oldest and most famous pedestrian boulevard in Santo Domingo and the best place for people watching and folks gathering.

For your second night in Santo Domingo we recommend having dinner at the famous Meson de la Cava. The peculiar thing about it is that is located underground in a natural stone cave rock. One of the most impressive things at Meson de la Cava Restaurant is its architecture, also the smell of nature that can be perceived only with entering and excellent food.

If you feel like staying at the hotel for a more private and intimate dinner you can simply enjoy your very own “personalized dinner” in your room while zipping some wine and talking to your new met friend or simply in your room relax and enjoy yourself. (Morning booking is required for personalized dinners)

Day 3: Short trip excursion to Parque de los Tres Ojos- The 3 Eyes Park.

Parque de los “Tres Ojos”- The 3 Eyes National Park: Los Tres Ojos is an impressive 50-foot deep cave with three lagoons surrounded by stalagmites and lush vegetation. The large cave has three separate lakes (sinkhole) with 3 lagoons (the 3 eyes) in it. The most impressive of which is the Azul Ojo, the “blue eye”, which is a lagoon with crystal clear blue water.

The last of the “eyes” offers a spectacular natural landscape of tropical vegetation, sheer rock faces, and green-tinged water. In the caves you follow walkways and a pulley-powered vessel to get through the underground system. This was once a sacred place for the Taíno, one of the native peoples of Hispaniola and in modern times, it has been used as the setting for Tarzan movies. Once paying the RD 50 pesos admission fee, restrooms and a small snack bar are farther back in the forest, so, bring your own. Tour time is 30-40 minutes.

If not tired yet, you can also visit Columbus Lighthouse and the National Aquarium.

Faro a Colón – Columbus Lighthouse: This is where the rests of Christopher Columbus lay. It is also filled with paintings, just like a museum. The Columbus’ Lighthouse was built to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovering of America. It’s shaped into a big cross with the smaller parts in front and on the sides, and the longest part on the back. It houses the remains of Columbus. The beautiful Baroque interior of this monument can’t hide the controversy surrounding the monument and its construction. The design of this massive cross was chosen in 1929 and is from the Englishman Gleave. The monument, however, wasn’t completed until 1992 (the 500th anniversary of the discovery). Even if you’re not a fan of Columbus or the western view of the discoveries, visit this monument just for its notoriety.

Day 4: “I WANT to be Pampered Day”.

One of the many things that set us apart from other small hotels is our services. You can hire a personal massage services done by a local Dominican guy.  Our professional masseur was handpicked by us. They got big and strong hands and are ready to rub it up and down your body till you feel comfortable and relaxed again.

Basically, a good massage is a MUST HAVE while vacationing in Santo Domingo and at the ADAM Suites Hotel!

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Go and visit our neighbors’ Sauna called Apollo – a beautiful place to lounge and relax located at walking distance from us.

Day 5: Let’s Get Tanned Day!

Your destination today: Juan Dolio or Boca Chica Beach

Day 6: Going Back to the Roots

On your first day here you visited just some of important colonial structures in town. Today you will visit and photograph other interested places in Santo Domingo that you were not able to see and visit before and shop for some souvenirs such as:

The Amber Museum and The Cohiba Cigar Store

Also the Plaza Lama–  This is the biggest department store in Santo Domingo. Everything is different as what you are used to find in your hometown markets. Here you can shop for small gifts for friends and family back home. Not only they sell clothing, accessories, etc., but also the amount and variety of product for uncurl and treated hair is amazing. The food halls, with loads of nice-smelling spices and fruits, are quite interesting as well.

In the afternoon visit the newly opened Agora Mall- a Miami style mall with best chain stores and great trendy boutiques .

Day 7: Sunday’s Street Party

This is a MUST event. Every Sunday Santo Domingo comes ALIVE with the town’s weekly Sunday’s Son and Salsa Street Party at the steps of a colonial ruin.

On this day you’ll be able to really immerse into the local culture and meet people. The party that begins around 7 pm and ends at 11 pm.  This is a street party event that you cannot miss!

Finally, don’t forget that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night the party time at the Foggoo Nightclub and at the G-lounge Club located across from us and where you can mingle with local young Dominicans. Have fun and enjoy the party and your holiday at the Adam Suites!